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  • Greek Summer Savory (Savoury) / Throubi
  • Greek Summer Savory (Savoury) / Throubi
  • Plant - Greek Summer Savory (Savoury) / Throubi

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Greek summer savoury  / Throubi Θρούμπι from the island of Kalymnos, Greece comes in 10g, 25g and 75kg net packets. It is an aromatic herb and one of the most popular among all the savoury spices, adding flavor to a variety of cuisines all over the world owing to its pleasant taste. It is compatible with a wide array dishes, just the way thyme is. In fact, the two can be easily used interchangeably and is commonly paired with beans, vegetables, pork, lamb, stuffing, and sauces. Besides, its culinary usages, this variety of savoury also comes with an array of health benefits.

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