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Item #: GL16
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Holy Trinity (Three Angels, From The Hospitality of Abraham) This icon is shows forth the Holy Trinity as was revealed to the Patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah in the form of three. One of the chief interpretations of this icon indicates that the central angel represents God the Son, who with the angel on the right representing the Holy Spirit, turn their heads now inclined in love towards the angel on the left representing God the Father. This icon is mounted on a 22mm board gilded with 23k gold leaf. For the first time we have available beautiful byzantine icons of the highest quality known as the Prestige Series. These icons are the next best choice to hand painted icons. You can acquire a byzantine icon of the highest quality without having to spend thousands of dollars. These icons are perfect gifts for special occasions or for keeping in the family from generation to generation and are available in three sizes - 15cm x 20cm, 21cm x 28.5cm, 29.5cm x 41cm.