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Item #: BK18 English
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The Christian orthodox Faith was written with the purpose of presenting the Orthodox Christian faith in a concise and simple way. It is a thorough catechetical work that relates to every Orthodox Christian. But also to anyone that desires to experience Orthodoxy. It is a summary of a series of about 100 homilies about the Symbol of Faith. These homilies, which are available in audio form on the internet, were based on the, “Catechism” of Saint Cyrill of Jerusalem, the “Exact Edition of the Orthodox Faith” of Saint John of Damascus, the “Eortodromion” of Saint Nikoidmos the of Holy Mountain, “The foundations of the Faith” of Konstandinos Kallinikos, and other works of contemporary great theologians.

Author: Archimandrite Epiphanios K. Hadjiyiangou
Format: Paperback
Pages: 125