• St. Iakovos (English)
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St. Iakovos Tsalikis of Evia (1920-1991), was born in Asia Minor. His family was forcibly uprooted from their ancestral homeland. Leaving the life they knew behind, they took with them what was their true life — their Faith. Resettled in Northern Evia, the future Saint was raised in piety and trained in virtue by his grandmother Despina and mother Theodora.At the age of 32, he realised his calling in life by entering the Monastery of Saint David the Elder in Evia, living the rest of his life there as a monk. He rose above insurmountable obstacles, laboured ascetically beyond what is human and suffered greatly for the sake of Christ. He received divine gifts as his reward, including clairvoyance and miracle-working, becoming an Elder of great stature. He was canonised in 2017 and feast day is November 22. The author, Professor Stylianos Papadopoulos, was blessed to know the Elder personally and together with his literary talent make the story on these pages come alive.

SOFT COVER 14cm X 22cm. 201 pages.


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